Nany Suryawati (ed)


Students’ character development in online classes during a pandemic with integrative media is possible. In this study, we carried the application of the concept of literacy out in primary and junior high schools. The class-action material is in video application-based integrative media with Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)-based English teaching. The content was in sequence and adapted to the COVID-19  period. Teachers and students were very enthusiastic in participating in class actions with the short story video model 'My Hero is You' made by UHAMKA students and English lecturers. Teachers and students have also made media for understanding COVID-19. The response to English and COVID-19 literacy of elementary, and junior high school students and teachers have increased and marked the development of a stronger character in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The creativity of teachers and students is very much beneficial during the pandemic. If we developed English learning strategies in the classroom, students' creativity would increase (Wijirahayu and Ayundhari 2019). Their English learning strategies strongly influenced teachers' beliefs about English learning strategies when studying and applying in their classrooms (Wijirahayu, 2017).


  • Mindset and Learners’ Literacy Development during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Suciana Wijirahayu
  • Perceptions of Justice and Religious Radicalism of Teenage in Indonesia
    Andik Matulessy, Nikita Sartika
  • Distant Desistance: Corporate Responsibility on Environmental Issue
    Dr. Anis Rifai, Dr. Aurora Jillena Meliala
  • Gender Inequality Issue
    Rossa Ilma Silfiah
  • Construction Of Local Policy For Paseban Preservation as A Cultural Heritage In Indigenous Communities Sunda Wiwitan In Kuningan Regency
    Ayih Sutarih, Endang Sutrisno, Ratu Mawar Kartina, Firly Dwi Martiana
  • The framework of Outcome-Based-Education (OBE) in Islamic Education modern world: Bibliometrics review
    Elihami Elihami
  • Implementation of Competency-Based Curriculum with Link and Match Approach in Job Training Programs
    Tri Suminar , Mintarsih Arbarini , Agnes Nanda Saputri , Khaled Maulana Ihya Arief Rakhman Hakim, Reny Arumsari
  • The Effect of Providing Health Education through “WhatsApp” Application in Improving Gastritis Preventive Behavior on Students at Faculty of Public Health Teuku Umar University
    Susy sriwahyuni, Darmawan, Dian Fera, Yolanda Oktaria
  • Continuity of Indonesian Chinese Ancestor Veneration Ritual in the Modern World
    Yunita Setyoningrum, Carina Tjandradipura, Angel Stefani, Melissa Santoso
  • Agile Governance: Learnings and Future Challenges of Street Level Actors in Indonesia During and Post-Covid-19 Pandemic
    Rr Johana Nunik Widianti S
  • Democracy Learning Through Islamic Education Parenting Patterns
    Dr.H.Ali Akbarjono
  • Impact Of the Digital Age in Construction of National Insights Related To Corruption
    Nany Suryawati
  • Leadership Design and Organizational Behavior
    Novianty Djafri, Arfan Utuarahman, Syamsu Qamar Badu
  • Afiks Penanda Verba Bahasa Tialo
    Sriyana Wahidin
  • The Profile of Menari Village: Tourism Recovery Efforts Through Cultural Literacy in Tourism Village During New Normal Era
    Mintarsih Arbarini, Abdul Rahmat, Tri Suminar, Bagus Kisworo, AllFine Loretha, Lintang Markhamah
  • Be Critical! Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills through Project Based Learning in Social Studies
    All Fine Loretha, Mintarsih Arbarini
  • Clean and Healthy Lifestyle at Work during the Covid 19 Pandemic
    Dr. Dian Novita Siswanti
  • Clean and Healthy Life Behavior Education for Early Childhood during the Covid 19 Pandemic
    Novita Maulidya Jalal
  • Analysis of Even Semester Final Assessment Questions in Thematic Learning of Grade III Elementary Schools
    Nelly Wedyawati, Wiputra Cendana
  • Jewelry Fashion and the Urban Elite Women: A Study on Construction of Identity through Non-Precious Material Jewelry
    Dhyani Widiyanti
  • The Behavior Of Jamu Gendong Traders In The Perspective Of Communication Ethnography (Rapid Etnography)
    Layung Paramesti Martha, Dan Prasetyo Adinugroho


December 20, 2021


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